Innovators in our business

We wanted the software our employees use to be as adaptive as the rest of our business. So we designed our software to be accessible from anywhere. Our employees can add loads, assign transporters, or print dispatch reports from any computer with an internet connection.

Now, with the release of version 1 of our software, your company can be just as mobile.

  • Load Management: Add load lines of year / make / model of vehicle and track the cost to you for each vehicle versus the income from the customer.
  • Transporter Ratings: Blacklist disreputible companies. Your employees will avoid using them and your cusomters will receive better service.
  • Simple Accounting: Track income, make payments related to each load.
  • Reduce repetition: Save frequently used customers and transporters.

To try out a demo of the software, please call (800)462--0038 or email

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