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´╗┐FashionAdd category Archive Sonya Berlovitz,Cheap Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts who designs costumes for local theater companies, had her curiosity roused by the Goldstein Museum of Design's latest exhibition, "Mao to Now: Chinese Fashion from 1949 to the Present. " Sonya says it offers a fascinating look at, among other things, the evolution of the iconic Mao suit. Plus, it showcases Chinese designers who are making a splash in global fashion right now. It's at the University of Minnesota through January 17. Twin Cities Daily Planet arts editor Jay Gabler was on the receiving end of some Victorian Christmas cheer when he went to see "Fezziwig's Feast, " put on by the Actors Theater of Minnesota at Wigington Hall on Harriet Island in St. Paul. It's a re-telling of "The Christmas Carol" from the point-of-view of Scrooge's benevolent former employer, Old Fezziwig and his family. A roasted pork and butternut squash soup dinner comes with the ticket. That's how Frank describes members of The Shiny Lights, who include such local notables as John Eller, Chris Lynch, Steve Price and Noah Levy. The Shiny Lights will unleash their epic '70s sound and unveil a new CD with gigs at The Fine Line tomorrow, The Varsity Theater on Dec. 23 (CD release show) and the Aster Cafe on Dec. 30th.