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There is a reason major brand names dont have to work to hard at building links.6pm coupon code 10 off 2013 Think, Nike, and my personal favorite, Harley Davidson. Brand awareness. You dont even have to like them to know about them. Do you ask for a facial tissue or do you ask for a Kleenex? Is Oscar Meyer, the only hot dog company in the world? Someone once asked me if I was the SEO for Harley Davidson. My answer was, No, because Harley Davidson already has pretty strong Brand Recognition. I can prove it. If you want a motorcycle you arent looking for a Harley Davidson. If only a Harley Davidson will do, you dont search for motorcycles you search for Harley Davidson. Online, people link to brands they already know. The trick is getting people talking about your company so your brand is recognizable and trusted. That in turn will produce more credible links. The more credible links, the better your Search Engine Placement. What Do Your Online Visitors Care About? The easiest way to get people talking is to engage your customer base. Get them talking about you. Find out what matters to them and create a marketing campaign that gets them involved. This not only helps retain customers it builds Brand Recognition. Find out what is important to your visitors. Do a quick survey find a hot button and then figure out a way to involve your business in it and support what they care about. Anybody that knows me knows my two favorite examples of this. First is Bob Hope. Now Im not taking anything away from Bob when I say his movies were not block busters. He wasnt the greatest actor, or singer or dancer or even the greatest comedian. What made him a household name was what he did for our servicemen abroad. Bob Hope, went wherever our armed services went and entertained them. Did he build a loyal following? Did Bob Hope have Brand recognition? My other favorite is Paul Newman. In his day, Paul was a darn good actor. He actually starred in some of the biggest movies of his day. But what he did on the side, just for his friends was he made his own family recipe salad dressing. Almost on a whim he decided to see if he could get it produced on a larger scale and donate the proceeds to charity. Before he died, he joked about the unforeseen success of his whim. Upon his death the organization he founded to raise money for charity had grown to numerous products sitting on store shelves across the country, usually adorned with his smiling face and all the profits from the sales went to charity. Over a billion dollars. His whim has now out lived him and is still growing and still giving. Paul Newman has brand recognition that started with his face and transformed into his cause. If youre a global company, the cause you support should also have a global impact. If you are limited to a geographical region then the cause you pick should have an impact or focus on your region. If youre a new company, start with a local focus and grow your cause as your company grows. Think of your local family owned pizza place and the plaques on the wall from local teams or kids activities that they have supported. It makes that business an important part of the local fabric. It makes customers care that it succeeds. The online world is just a larger version of the local community. If your business supports things that your customers are passionate about, your community will want to support you. It will help get your brand remembered and the public helping to promote your business. One way to get your customers to be aware of your charity focus is to donate a dollar amount, or percentage of each sale, connected with the campaign. Spread the Campaign With a WidgetInstead of just letting your existing customers know about the campaign and hope they start telling others, make it easy and viral with a widget. Creating a widget for the campaign will help it spread more easily and quickly. Because its a cause your customers care about, theyre more likely to post the widget to their email, FaceBook profiles, Twitter messages, blogs, and Websites. The widget could be as simple as making people aware of the issue, the nonprofit, and your companys involvement in fund raising. While that could be done with a traditional banner, people are more likely to post a button or link they can paste easily and it will spread. Jazz Up Your WidgetMake your widget more engaging to increase the chances of it spreading and going viral. Rotating pictures of hungry children from different cities across the U. S. might be the focus of the campaign but the message of the donation putting a smile on a childs face will spread faster. Be the positive answer not the reminder of the desperation and hopelessness. People want to be a part of the answer. ActionEncourage people to take action. Make them aware of your donations with each sale. Let them know your company is committed to this issue. Spread the WordTake every opportunity to encourage people to spread the word about the issue. That is what makes widgets so great. Theyre easy for anyone to republish on their social network profile, blog, or Web site. Also, encourage existing customers to talk about the issue in their blogs, e mail newsletters, community meetings, work, and gatherings with friends. Your companys name and widget will surely come up in the discussion. Give people a positive reason to talk about your company. Supporting a cause is a great way to build your brand awareness and links at the same time. People link to brands theyre familiar with and trust. A campaign done right can even go viral. The results might just surprise you. 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