Michael Kors Baguette Bezel Watch [coach]7/18/2013 11:26:05 AM
´╗┐Michael Kors Baguette Bezel Watch I recently went on an 5-day vacation to New York City,Dress Barn Coupons and came back the Michael Kors Baguette Bezel watch in rose gold. and, well I had to treat myself to something special right? ! ! Going into the Michael Kors store on Fifth Ave near Rockefeller Center the first thing I noticed was the amazing smell. the MK perfume which has now made it only my ever-growing "wish-list" as well. Oh boy! ! haha As I turned right towards the jewelry counter I had to really keep my focus on the watch case, and not the zillion and one other items that were starting to call my name, lol! So, there it was. the beautiful peach colored crystals surrounding the rose gold face; the watch of my dreams. It's funny because I had tried on big watches a couple years ago when the trend first started and thought my tiny little wrists looked much too silly to sport such a large face. But this time around I knew I had to get over that thousands of other women got over this quite easily so why not me? ! With the help of the customer sales rep I put on the sample. There is lay on my wrist (and VERY heavily might I add). The Michael Kors Baguette Bezel watch in rose gold was "that close" to being mine. One problem. the price tag. But just as I was humming and hawing about whether or not I should splurge my amazingly sweet hubby insisted on the gift. I am one lucky girl! ! I had to get like 5 or more links taken out - and a word of advice if you do go for larger styles - they are heavy and unless you get it nice and comfortably snug it will just flip around your wrist and all you will have is a drooping watch that will drive u nuts. Ever since I got my new Michael Kors rose gold watch I have been having fun with adding other bracelets, or "arm candy" as it's currently referred to. Rose gold looks amazing paired with several colors,BabyAge Coupons especially neons which is a huge trend this spring and summer 2012. I have also been carefully selecting different matching nail polish such as mint green to wear well with my new watch. Besides my wedding/engagement ring it's the most excited I have been to wear jewelry in a long time. This MK5412 watch as well as a ton of other styles is probably one of this year's most talked about fashion pieces. I can't even begin to imagine how many have sold. For those of you into fashion and beauty blogging, is it on your wish-list too?

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