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Showroom Transport's RV Towing Guide

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Our drivers are trained to inspect an rv before towing it.


This is what they are looking for:

1. Do the lights of the RV trailer work?

2. Do the brakes of the RV trailer work?

3. Are the tires in good shape? Are they dry rotted?

4. Is everything secure? The steps, the lights, the canopy, the ac unit, the hitch, the doors? The slide outs. etc..

5. Inside the trailer: Please note this is the responsibility of the Shipper to make sure the lose items inside the trailer are secure, yet our drivers are trained to do a look through.

6. Are the axels in good shape? Are the wheel barings good?

7. Our drivers are trained to do a pre trip inspection. They are not mechanics yet they do know what to look for. Some of our drivers are retired mechanics though. This is not a qualification we need to pull a trailer.

List of states we cover:

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